In January, we were witness to a truly amazing 3rd degree in our lodge. I would extend on behalf of the lodge congratulations to Bro Gratton, and the members who practiced and performed excellent work. Bro Jeff Hudder will be advancing towards the 3rd degree at the February meeting. It has been a long time since I remember seeing a degree team in our lodge, and we will be fortunate enough to have the Shriner’s degree team in our ranks in February. This will be an exciting night that you don’t want to miss!

Special thanks goes out to Bro Gord Echlin, and Bro Steve Kipp who have been working on the Mentor program, and making sure that our candidates are properly educated in the finest Masonic tradition. I also want to thank the St John’s member’s for a fine showing at Acacia lodge on their DDGM night.

We have had an excellent response to the pledge to help the Lanark County Food Bank. On Fri January 28th between 10am and 12pm our members will be donating our time, and will be assisting the Food Bank in their efforts. They supply food to over 2,500 people in our area.

Finally, we are getting the word out - that the March meeting will take place at 6:00 pm rather than our usual time. We will be paying a fraternal visit to Sidney Albert Luke lodge on our regular meeting night in March.

Most importantly brethren – a date the lodge needs you all to attend. Feb. 5, 2011 at 9 am. This is the planning meeting for 2011/2012. We are in a situation where the lodge has the potential to grow in ways we never have imagined. We also face the more challenges than ever before. Participating does not mean that you are going to be ‘given’ a job you don’t want. Coming out does mean the you have a voice in the future of our ranks and the way it will look for years to come.
You are the future of the lodge.

Shawn Todd WM