Worshipful Master 2012-2013


The tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT. has just occured, and is high in my mind. There is a big call for gun control in the US resulting from it. This may help this problem, but it is not the root cause. We have developed a cynical culture that celebrates values that are the antithesis of what we once tried to cultivate. The pervasive media machine, news and entertainment, has given up trying to promote the “right” way to behave, pandering to an addiction to extreme behavior, and denigrating ideals such as honour, integrity, love, Charity, learning, wisdom, courtesy.

Freemasonry is one of the small bastions of our culture that is sticking to the ideals we once held dear; uncompromisingly, without apology, with hand on heart and proudly. Freemasonry is not an anachronism. Freemasonry is a harbour, where the secrets of civilization can be found for the benefit of all. Freemasonry is an international framework, organized and ready to mobilize to help those who have had enough with the current status quo. Brethren, Freemasons are integral to the process of healing our society. Soon, all will realize “that which was lost” is found, and it is within the Lodge room walls. Freemasonry stands against the tide of ignorance, and will help turn it. Emblazon that creed in your hearts, and use it to motivate your actions.

Sincerely and Fraternally
W.Bro. Gord Echlin
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63